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1st Annual Summertime in SoCal SAAB Gathering!

Orange County, California USA

On Saturday, June 26 1999, a group of Southern California's most rabid SAAB enthusiasts gathered for a day of SAAB celebration!  The SAAB Club of Southern California, the San Diego SAAB Owner's Group and VSAAB were brought together for the event by John Steiner who did a superb job of planning the day and making all the arrangements for our two ports of call - SAAB of Santa Ana and The Speedway Bar & Grill in Newport Beach.

As is often the case here in sunny SoCal, the event was dominated by some of the nicest vintage SAABs on the planet.   Lots of Sonetts, a pair of 96s, a 95 and the only two SAAB Quantum IIIs in existence!  While there were a few classic 900s, 9000s and even a nice new-gen 900 SE, the focus was clearly on the vintage cars, as the content here reflects.  Below, you'll find photos and video that should give you a feel for the spirit of the event.

SoCal SAABs at the SAAB of Santa Ana dealership

Starting the day at 9:00 AM, many of us gathered at the beautiful SAAB of Santa Ana dealership in... well, Santa Ana.  Surrounded by both new and old SAABs of every size and shape, the excitement was palpable!  The folks at the dealership were exceedingly gracious, providing us with a very nice continental breakfast and allowing everyone to play with the new SAABs -- even the Viggen!  Many, many thanks to SAAB of Santa Ana for their kind and generous hospitality.

Below, you'll find thumbnails of photos taken at the dealership in Santa Ana. 
Click on the thumbnails for a larger version!

LtBlue Sonnet-thumb.jpg (5320 bytes)

The gorgeous '69 Sonett V4 of Dale Holmes

Orange Sonnet-a-thumb.jpg (5116 bytes)TeamSonnetLogo-thumb.jpg (3685 bytes)


Bud Clark's turbocharged '73 Sonett III

Orange Sonnet-b-thumb.jpg (5948 bytes)

Paul Florance's '72 Sonett III

Crowd-a-thumb.jpg (5097 bytes)

We lined-up many of the vintage cars in front of the dealership.
Let the swarming begin!

Crowd-b-thumb.jpg (5049 bytes)

Another view of the line-up

Sonett string

Sonetts masquerading as new cars, ready for purchase!

Eric's Black 9000

Eric's 9000T

Blue Car-thumb.jpg (6085 bytes)

The 93 Viggen... oooh, ahhh...

New Wagon-thumb.jpg (4770 bytes)

The 95 Wagon... ahhh, oooh...

Red Car-thumb.jpg (3946 bytes)

The SAAB that never was. 
One of the two remaining Quantum III cars in the world, both of which were in attendance!   This one is owned and cared for by Bud Clark.

Red Conv back-thumb.jpg (6508 bytes)

The 2nd Quantum III -- this one is Jay Arruda's

Red Conv Front-thumb.jpg (6042 bytes)

Jay's Quantum, from the front.

Tan Car-thumb.jpg (5828 bytes)

The two-stroke Sonett II of Bob McNary.

Quantum1.JPG (16708 bytes)

Video clip:  The world's two remaining SAAB Quantum IIIs arrive!
(Click photo to download .AVI video, ~5.5MB)


An MP3 audio clip of Jay Arruda parking his Quantum IV!


SoCal SAABs at the Speedway Bar & Grill, Newport Beach California

Once folks starting getting hungry for lunch, John organized a caravan of SAABs to make the 20-minute drive to our next destination, The Speedway Bar & Grill in Newport Beach.  While our typical southern California traffic conspired to turn the caravan into something more like a free-for-all, we all made it!

If you've never been to Speedway, try to picture a modern restaurant and bar with a outside patio and a racing theme throughout.   Monitors and big-screens show continuous racing footage both live and from archives.   Racing cars and motorcycles adorn the place inside, outside... even on the roof!   Once again, we were all treated with exemplary service and everyone had a great time!  Bob McNary even brought his vintage SAAB racing videos which were played on monitors throughout the restaurant while we enjoyed the frosty beverages of our choosing!

Below, you'll find thumbnails of photos taken in the parking lot at Speedway, Newport Beach.
Click on the thumbnails for a larger version!

pope99-thumb.jpg (4999 bytes)

SDSOG & VSAAB member Bob Pope's well-preserved 99GL

2sonnets-thumb.jpg (4984 bytes)

Dr. Robinson's yellow '73 and Joe Clift's green '72 Sonett III

3sonnets-thumb.jpg (4764 bytes) Dale Holmes' blue '69 V4, Dennis Crowley's green '69 V4 and Bob McNary's '67 Sonett II
BlueWagon-thumb.jpg (5418 bytes) Mark Rheude's stupendous '73 95
Erics96-thumb.jpg (5776 bytes) Eric McCormick's sweet '72 96
Engine-thumb.jpg (5986 bytes) The engine compartment of Bob Sodeburg's highly-accessorized '68 Sonett V4
sonnets-b-thumb.jpg (5527 bytes) Surely the nicest line-up of Sonetts to be found anywhere in the world!
3classics-thumb.jpg (4269 bytes) Two of the world's rarest SAABs flanking the world's rarest Volvo, a P1900.


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